All I Ask

Ok so I love GH, it’s my favorite soap. I watch all of the remaining soaps and even with some missteps it’s my number 1. This is what I’m asking for in my show:

Please don’t go obverboard with Franco going after Tom, we know Franco is crazy but can we focus more on the love story with Elizabeth. Many people hate them together but I love it. We have two powerhouse actors who can ACT without trying with amazing chemistry so let’s see more. We don’t need to see Elizabeth just mad at him day after day.

Please stop the “who’s the parent” thing with Charlotte. I could have cared months ago IF it was about Lulu from the beginning. That baby is going to need therapy after all these dad and mom reveals. This took so long that I don’t care.

I like a good troublemaker and I think Nelle is doing ok, I just think the audience should know by now who she is by now.  She better be connected to someone that we have actually seen and had a real grudge against Sonny and Carly. Please don’t do this inserted history thing, we don’t care.

While I understand why soaps need to bring on new characters they also need to carefully add ones that fit. Keeping it real most soap fans are loyal viewers, I know they want to attract new ones but that’s probably not happening as much as they would like. Instead of a million newbies with no ties how about a couple of newbies with connections on screen already.  Let’s play the characters we have and that we have grown up with.  Why can’t Molly have a storyline, she’s in college right. Where is all the stress of being a freshmen and maybe dabbling with speed or something to keep up. We have literally watched Haley grow up onscreen, we WANT to see her.  Why can’t we have some issue between Kristina and Nelle. Kristina is fire and she can suspect things are off and the two can hate each other but no I think they have shared the screen like twice.

I could go on but for now please hear my cries soap gods and/or Frank.




WIR 3/21-3/25

Ok this is the first week in review so here we go!

loved it:

I really enjoy the Kristina storyline they have going on. I like Parker being someone to encourage her to be herself and not necessarily being her girlfriend.  The scenes between Lexi and Mo were fantastic and showed a real connection but on the other hand, where is Micheal?

I like Griffin even though I’m over new characters.  He seems to be fitting in well.  I kind of wished he was Ana’s son. I know presumed dead kids are done a lot but she needs some family.

hated it:

I get having a topical issue like breastfeeding but really it came across as comical and silly.  You know what would have been a serious topical issue, police brutality.  There are black people, white people and Asian people on the show and guess what a whole police department with major characters: Jordan, Dante, Nathan, and Valerie. She’s a rookie have her make a mistake.  They touched on it with T.J but it could have gone so much better.

Hayden is Rachael! Who cares she is a stranger with a family no one cares about. She should have been connected to someone, missed opportunity.

Well overall it as an OK week. Let’s hope next week it better. Oh and Becky is staying!


General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Let me start by saying I love GH I’ve been a fan my whole life, like I grew up with this show.  I’ve watched since before Becky started and there has only been a few times that I was totally shocked by my show and this is one of them.  I love this show but why would you let a veteran/legacy character go.  Soaps are about connections and family and we are losing a Webber? Where are the Quartermains? The Spencer’s?  Can we break from so many new characters and really focus on the legacies.  Let’s face it soaps aren’t really getting new audiences they are getting people who have watched over the years and who share with their children like my mother did with me. Becky is a powerhouse who can act, why not write for HER.  Why couldn’t Rebecca Buding been Sarah Webber a character with history with several people  all ready on screen.  Elizabeth the character was made to me the most hated person on the show last year and she still flourished, that shows a true talent.  Can GH get their act together and give story to TALENT. We love actors who can act, I promise!!! So in parting here’s my list of who needs storylines.

Elizabeth, T.J, Molly, Micheal, Curtis, Jordan, Maxie and anyone who actually works at GH