WIR 3/21-3/25

Ok this is the first week in review so here we go!

loved it:

I really enjoy the Kristina storyline they have going on. I like Parker being someone to encourage her to be herself and not necessarily being her girlfriend.  The scenes between Lexi and Mo were fantastic and showed a real connection but on the other hand, where is Micheal?

I like Griffin even though I’m over new characters.  He seems to be fitting in well.  I kind of wished he was Ana’s son. I know presumed dead kids are done a lot but she needs some family.

hated it:

I get having a topical issue like breastfeeding but really it came across as comical and silly.  You know what would have been a serious topical issue, police brutality.  There are black people, white people and Asian people on the show and guess what a whole police department with major characters: Jordan, Dante, Nathan, and Valerie. She’s a rookie have her make a mistake.  They touched on it with T.J but it could have gone so much better.

Hayden is Rachael! Who cares she is a stranger with a family no one cares about. She should have been connected to someone, missed opportunity.

Well overall it as an OK week. Let’s hope next week it better. Oh and Becky is staying!