General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Let me start by saying I love GH I’ve been a fan my whole life, like I grew up with this show.  I’ve watched since before Becky started and there has only been a few times that I was totally shocked by my show and this is one of them.  I love this show but why would you let a veteran/legacy character go.  Soaps are about connections and family and we are losing a Webber? Where are the Quartermains? The Spencer’s?  Can we break from so many new characters and really focus on the legacies.  Let’s face it soaps aren’t really getting new audiences they are getting people who have watched over the years and who share with their children like my mother did with me. Becky is a powerhouse who can act, why not write for HER.  Why couldn’t Rebecca Buding been Sarah Webber a character with history with several people  all ready on screen.  Elizabeth the character was made to me the most hated person on the show last year and she still flourished, that shows a true talent.  Can GH get their act together and give story to TALENT. We love actors who can act, I promise!!! So in parting here’s my list of who needs storylines.

Elizabeth, T.J, Molly, Micheal, Curtis, Jordan, Maxie and anyone who actually works at GH